We are dedicated to the cultivation and sale of high-quality tilapia fish.

We specialize in sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices to ensure the health and well-being of our tilapia and the preservation of our natural resources.

We are committed to promoting responsible aquaculture and actively contribute to the development of sustainable fish farming practices. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about tilapia farming and dedicated to delivering superior products to our customers.

  • "I'm thrilled to have found Ebendzi (Bossco) Tilapia Farm as my trusted supplier. Their tilapia is outstanding, with superior taste and texture. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and exceptional customer service is unmatched."

    N. Ghartey, Gyatekuma Limited.

  • "I have been a loyal customer of Ebendzi for years, and their tilapia never fails to impress. The fish is consistently fresh, flavorful, and of the highest quality. It's reassuring to know that I am supporting sustainable aquaculture practices while enjoying delicious seafood. I highly recommend Ebendzi Farm to anyone who values both taste and responsible sourcing."

    B. Sam, Nextsolution Limited.

  • "As a health-conscious consumer, I am thrilled to have discovered Ebendzi Tilapia Farm. Their tilapia is not only incredibly tasty but also meets my standards for quality and sustainability. I love knowing that the fish I enjoy comes from a responsible aquaculture source. Ebendzi Farm has become my go-to choice for delicious, ethically sourced seafood."

    Eugene Anim, Health-Conscious Foodie

  • "As a restaurant owner, sourcing high-quality seafood is crucial to me, and Ebendzi Farm has been an exceptional partner. Their tilapia consistently exceeds my expectations, impressing both me and my customers with its freshness and flavor. The team at Ebendzi Farm is committed to sustainability and provides excellent customer service. I highly recommend their tilapia to fellow restaurant owners looking for top-notch seafood."

    H. Boham, The Boham's Restaurant